Key Holding Security Breaches from Inside a Business – How to Prevent Them

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Key Holding Security Breaches from Inside a Business – How to Prevent Them

When you think about the sheer number of external security threats your business faces, it is easy to forget about the possibility of internal key holding threats. A lot of the time, security breaches come from within an organisation and may be the result of an “insider job.

K9 Security specialises in protecting businesses from external intruders, but we know an ever-present threat exists from internal sources too.

Here is how to reduce the chance of security breaches from the inside.

Remove key holding access for ex-employees

Every business has members of staff leaving the business now and again. However, failing to disable access to property for ex-employees can be risky from a security perspective.

If ex-employees are able to access email accounts or the local intranet, it means that sensitive documents could be at risk. They may still know alarm codes or have a card to enter the premises. So it is good practice to have a system in place to disable access for every member of staff that no longer works for the organisation.

Provide different codes for different people

With different passwords and codes assigned to different people, it is much easier to track any problems.

It is of course possible for intruders to have somehow gained access or stolen a member of staff’s security code or password. This might be an existing employee or anonymous individual, sort is important not to jump to conclusions.

Establish a circle of trust

Try and establish a circle of trust between a small group of staff members. These should be the individuals that need to know about things like alarm codes. Be certain that information does not go beyond this team.

Change codes regularly

It is highly advisable to keep internal security threats at bay. Try to change things like alarm codes and computer passwords every six months to ensure the business premises and important data is inaccessible and unattainable.

By updating these security measures regularly, you ensure that only trusted employees have control over the company’s most value assets.

For more advice on key holding, contact us at K9, a security company that provides key holding and alarm response services in Chippenham and the surrounding areas.

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